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What is Enhanced Machine Translation?

Enhanced machine translation is improved machine translation which is created by Translution through its dictionary and glossary creation services.

The enhanced machine translation quality is then continually improved through post editing the machine translation using Translution's translation management system, Translution Localization Manager.

Up until now there have only been two types of translation - "gist" machine translation and human translation.

Human translation is high quality. However it is can be expensive and its certainly slower than machine translation.

In contrast, "gist" machine translation is immediate and inexpensive, however the quality can be poor.

Enhanced machine translation fills the gap and is usually accurate and understandable as it uses dictionaries derived from your own organization's content. However it won't generally be fluent and polished translation until it is post edited by a translator.

Click here to see a machine translation quality comparison — comparing gist machine translation and enhanced machine translation.


How to deliver ongoing improvements in machine translation quality

Delivering enhanced machine translation is much more than simply building a one-off dictionary. Rather it is about providing a translation managemebrt system which continually improves translation quality.

We deliver enhanced machine translation in a 3 phase process.

Phase 1 — Dictionary Creation

Phase 1 provides the "foundations" from which enhanced translation is built.

  • Build a terminology dictionary
  • Collect and create a dictionary of text you do not want translated (DNT)
  • Give guidance to authors on how to write for translation. Click here to download our translation tips

Phase 2 — Translation Memory

Translution imports a "translation memory" of human translations from any existing professional translations your company may have. If you don't have any professional translations, don't worry - these can be created during Phase 3.

Phase 3 — Review and Improve

Translution's machine translation engine always uses your translation memory first in preference to machine translating the segment if a 100% match with the source segment is found.

Translution Localization Manager, our translation management system, enables translators to post edit enhanced machine translation online . As new translation is created they are automatically saved for re-use by Translution's machine translation software. Over time, as more and more matches are picked up by the machine translatiion engine, the machine translation continually improves.

The translators also are motivated to improve your dictionary, where terms are poorly translated by the machine translation engine. It is in their interest because the next time the term is machine translated it will be correct. Since freelance translators are paid by the word, they have less work to do if the machine is better. They will be able to complete future projects in less time for the same money.

Using Translution Localization Manager (Review Edition) also enables your bi-lingual colleagues to participate in this continuous improvement. They are able to:

  • Edit translations before they are published
  • Review your dictionary and update the translation of terms if required
  • Review translation memory and if required fix this permanently
  • Save any improvements for use later

Using Translution Localization Manager, you should expect that the machine translation quality will be continually improved.


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