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What types of translation quality do Translution provide?

Translution provide 4 types of translation:–


Translate, Edit, Review (TER) Translation (TER).

This is our highest quality translation, provided by a specialist professional translator. The translations are then edited and proof read by an independent second senior translator. It provides the very highest quality of translation, guaranteed to be culturally specific and written is a style which reflects your brand.

We often recommend that a style sheet and glossary is first created and agreed with you to ensure consistency and give as good a brief as possible to the translators.

TER translation should be requested whenever you simply cannot afford to compromise on the quality of translation, for instance for marketing collateral.

Professional translation

Our standard offering. Translation by a subject specialist professional translator experienced in website translation.

And unlike the vast majority of the translation industry, we do not charge for translation of repetitions or 100% matches to existing translations unless specifically requested by you. Which makes us very competitive, particularly for website translation where there tends to be a high level of repetition.

Post Edited Machine Translation

This is the same quality as professional translation and is provided where you have a large amount of content to translate.

We first create a dictionary which can be used by our machine translation engine and which delivers much higher quality enhanced machine translation.

Enhanced machine translation can be much more quickly post edited by our teams of professional translators than translating just using translation memory. Our translators typically deliver 5000 words a day against the industry average of 2000–2500 words.

Post edited machine translation is typically less expensive than professional translation. However we need also to charge for your dictionary which is why it is appropriate only to large volumes.

Machine Translation

For some purposes machine translation, with or without a dictionary will provide translation which is "fit for purpose". Examples could be users supplied content on your website, instant translation of foreign language website for research purposes, internal documents, in-bound multi–lingual support and initial translation of documents such as tenders.

We provide ad-hoc machine translatiion services without the need to purchase Translution Business or Translution Machine Translation API which can provide an alternative to expensive human translation.

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What industries do Translution specialize in?

We support all industries, however we have extensive experience in the following types of translation:

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What other language services do Translution supply?

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What languages do Translution specialize in?

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Why should I choose Translution for my translation services?

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