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What is Translution Database Translator?

Translution Database Manager delivers automated machine translation and/or human translation of your database content.

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How does Translution Database Translator work?

Translution Database Translator is a powerful web application that works as follows:

  • You configure your database at a table/column level to include columns for storing translated content.
  • You also configure how the translations will be managed — completely automatically or authorized by you via a dashboard.
  • You also configure whether you want machine translation only, machine translation which is updated when the human translations are available, or human translation only.
  • You also configure the default type of translation required for each column you want to translate. Options are machine translation, self–translate (you need a license for Translution Localization Manager for this to work), post-edited/professional translation and TER translation. If you have chosen to authorize the translations via the dashboard, you can override these options for specific records, if required.

Once your initial configurations have been setup:

  • You request the initial translations — either machine translation or human translation or both.
  • The translations are automatically delivered updating the additional columns you have configured to store the translated content.
  • You then go live.

Once you have gone live:

  • Translution Database Translator checks for changes to your database source language content at regular intervals (from 15 minutes).
  • It automatically requests enhanced machine translation from Translution's machine translation engines (if this has been configured), updating the additional columns you have configured to store the translated content.
  • It automatically requests human translation (if this has been configured), sending any changed source language content to Translution Localization Manager for human translation.
  • Once the translations have been published it automatically updates the additional columns in your database you have configured with the human translation, overwriting any machine translation.

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Using Translution Database Translator, how can I vary the type of translation provided?

Translution Database Translator includes an optional dashboard for authorizing translations. You can change the type of translation at any time for specific translation jobs.

Alternatively if you wish the translation process to be totally automated, you can change the method of translation to automatic.

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Is Translution Database Translator integrated with Translution Localization Manager?


Once the translation has been authorized, the text is sent to Translution Localization Manager and a translation project is automatically created.

An email is then sent to the translator. They login and complete the translations.

Once the translations have been approve and published, they are sent back to your database where they update your database automatically.

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What access is required to implement Translution Database Translator?

Translution Database Translator connects to your database either via port 80 on your firewall or by a specific port number. The connection is made over SSL.

Translution personnel have no access to your database as Translution Database Manager can only be accessed via your own user name and password.

For MySQL database configuration, you will need to configure your database so that it allows Translution Database Manager super–admin user access to your database.

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Which databases do you support?

We support current versions of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

If you have another database, please contact us anyway with your specific requirement — we can often provide an alternative solution.

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