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Translution Business Document Translation Issues

Why does my original in–line formatting not get exactly applied to my translation? Example: "This sentence is an example of in–line formatting" (in this instance sentence, example, in–line and formatting are examples of in–line formatting).

Basically word order in translated text may be different from the source text. Because of this the formatting may not be applied exactly as you intended.

If you must use in–line formatting, you will need to check the translation, applying the formatting as required.

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Why are my Word text fields in my document (e.g. title, author, creation date) not retaining their translations?

This is the correct behavior and not a defect. Word properties are not translated.

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Why does text contained within text box not get translated?

Text boxes are seen as drawing objects in Microsoft word documents and therefore are not passed to the translation engine for translation. You should remove your text from within the text box and place it directly into the document.

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