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What is Translution File Translator?

Translution File Translator is a utlity developed by Translution which periodically checks for any changes you have made to your source language files.

Translution's team then manually check the files to determine whether any translation is required. If it is, they then commission the translation, re–build the translated file and update the language files on your servers.

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Which types of files are supported by Translution File Translator?

All type of files (except database content) can be tracked by Translution File Translator. This includes web pages, downloads, images, multi–media, script files such as Java Script and resource files.

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How does Translution File Translator track changes to files?

When we setup File Translator we agree the files that we are going to monitor and record the date/time stamp for each file. We then compare the date/time stamp with our records and identify any files that have been updated.

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What access is required to implement Translution File Translator?

Administrative access to your folders and files via FTP is normally required. This is so that we can check for any updates, download any files that require translation and then upload the translated files.

However if this is an issue, then Translution File Translator can operate via HTTP. If the HTTP option is taken, your team will be responsible for downloading/uploading any new translated files onto your servers.

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How often do you check for changes?

Translution File Translator is charged based on how regularly we check for changes. Options are quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. We usually check for changes on pre–determined dates. However you can request we check for changes at any time, cancelling the next pre–determined data if required.

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What is the main benefit of Translution File Translator?

Translution File Translator is usually used by customers who wish to out-source the management of the language pages of their website. This can be immensely complicated because of the different varieties and numbers of files that have to be managed.

Translution File Translator gives complete peace of mind that their translated web site will be properly maintained.

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