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Translution Business Registration and Activation

I have received an email with my activation code for Translution Business. Where should it be entered?


Go to the Translution Menu options from the Start Menu and select Activation. When the Activation screen appears, enter your email address into the appropriate text field, then copy the activation code from your activation code email and paste it into the box labeled Activation Code.


In the main Outlook screen, navigate to Translution –> Tools –> Activation. You should enter the activation code that you have been given and select Activate.

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I have registered the wrong email address. How do I change it?

Go to www.translution.com and login to your account. You will be taken to your personal account home page. From the menu on the left hand side of the screen, select Contact Information, you will be shown your registered contact details. Select the old email address and delete it. You may then enter a new email address.

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I have activated Translution Business successfully, but every time I open Microsoft Outlook, Translution Business tells me I need to activate again! What is going on?

You may have multiple email addresses in your Outlook profile. You should activate the default address, this is the one that Translution recognizes in its activation procedure.

1) First you will need to change the address that you have activated to your default email address. This can be done quickly and easily on the Translution website. See the FAQ on I have registered the wrong email address how do I change this?

2) You should open Microsoft Outlook and cancel the registration screen that appears. Navigate to Translution –> Tools –> Activation. Enter your activation code and press activate. This will reactivate your Translution software using the default Microsoft Outlook address.

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I have registered for Translution Business, however I have not received an activation code by email.

Large amounts of unsolicited email (known as spam) is sent everyday. In order to reduce the amount that users are receiving, most Internet Service Providers (ISP–s) now provide anti–spam software for their customers. However, many legitimate emails can also be blocked.

If you have registered for Translution software and have not received your registration details and activation code, please check first with your ISP that your email is not getting blocked by such methods.

Many ISP–'s now provide you with what is generally known as a White List or a list of trusted users from whom you may receive emails. Please ensure that you add translution.com and translution.net to this list.

Also see: I have registered the wrong email address how do I change this?

For other registration & activation problems, please email support[at]translution.net or use our webform to contact us.

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I have activated the wrong email address how do I change this?

Go to www.translution.com and login. You will be taken to your personal account home page. From the menu on the left hand side of the screen, select User Maintenance, you will see a list of your activated email addresses. Select the incorrect email address and press remove. You may now activate the correct email address by returning to your Translution software and following the activation procedure.

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I am receiving an error that my Internet / Proxy settings are not active.

You must have an active internet connection to activate Translution Business. Please check that you do not have any firewall or internet security software installed which may be blocking access from Translution Business to the internet.

If you do not have any such software or have already tried this, Translution has developed a small .exe file to diagnose what may be causing this problem. You can download a zip folder by clicking here. All the files in this folder should be extracted on to a folder on your hard drive, and you should run the standalone activation.exe file. Please copy and send your license code and the results of this test back to support[at]translution.net. We will, within reason, provide as much help as possible to get your software activated.

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