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Multi–Lingual Voiceovers and Sub–Titles

With so many different forms of media and communications available today it's not surprising that we often get asked to translate, sub–edit and provide multi–lingual voice–overs for audio and video files.

We also provide sub–titling in many languages.

Multi–lingual voiceovers is a specialist area requiring considerable preparation and precise timing. Firstly your voiceover is transcribed and then translated by our team of translators.

We then employ a team of talent (unionized and non union) who understand precisely how to achieve the right dramatic effect.

We also provide sound engineering to ensure that your voice–overs are as good in the target languages as in the original language.

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Translation Memory Management

Often our clients have already spent money on translation with other agencies and wish to protect their investment.

We have considerable experience in porting existing translation memories and translations for use by our linguists and your in–house translators in Translution Localization Manager. Where necessary our team of linguists will also check and align translations to provide the best possible translation memory.

This ensures that your existing investment in translation is protected from day one.

We also create translation memories, particularly for customer communication such as responses to enquiries, standard proposals and responses to customer support requests. This translation memory can then be used by our machine translation software to deliver perfect or near perfect automatic machine translation.

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Desktop Publishing

We provide a complete range of desktop publishing services for translated documents, whether that's creating a training course in PowerPoint, working in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or creating many other types of documents.

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Glossaries and Style Sheets

As the supplier of the world's leading machine translation solutions we have considerable experience in creating multi–lingual dictionaries to improve machine translation quality. However a full machine translation dictionary is often not required if all you require is professional human translation.

Instead we create a glossary of your most important terminology and phrases (including any search terms). We also create a style sheet which gives the best possible brief to translators about your organization and what is important to you.

Creating a glossary and a style sheet ensures the best possible quality of professional translation.

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Interpreting Services

Sometimes you just need access to an interpreter. We have partnered with Language Services Associates, one of the top three interpreting suppliers in the World to provide an on demand range of interpreting services, including Interpreting by Telephone, Conference and Exhibition Interpreting, Video Interpreting and Face to Face interpreting.

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Translation Consultancy

Sometimes your translation requirements are complex so you can't see the wood from the trees. It also may not be clear where savings and improvement in processes can be applied, nor is it obvious in what order to implement improvements.

We can help you. We provide translation consultancy via a discovery workshop which explores the end to end translation requirements of a company. Its purpose is to document and agree recommendations on how translation processes can be improved and where savings can be made.

We include a detailed ROI (Return on Investment) calculation on how you can benefit financially if you implement our recommendations. In some cases this may mean us collecting additional data about your "translation history". Discovery workshops normally take a day plus writing of the report and are provided on a fixed price basis. Collecting additional data is provided on a time and materials basis.

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