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As a web 3.0 company, operating within "the Cloud", with 10 years investment in our technology platform, we operate the lowest cost base of any major translation company.

Our promise to you is that we will beat the price quoted by any other established reputable translation agency for an identical translation quotation and service.

Don't be fooled by a low headline cost per word. It's how many words are counted multiplied by the rate that makes up a quote.

Translution never charge for any sentence repetitions or source language content that has previously been translated. Most other translation agencies charge for these.

So just send us a like–for–like detailed quotation with accurate word counts. We promise to beat it!

Not only that, but we will give you a further 10% discount on the initial project cost for sending the quotation to us.

Please note this offer only applies where we have access to the same translation memory as our competitor. If you have previously commissioned translations from another translation agency, you should request they send the translation memory to you and send it to us, so that we can ensure you are not charged for any previous translations.

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  • Perfect technical translation every time
  • Uses your dictionary to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Fast Delivery through improved translator productivity
  • Lowest rates of any reputable translation agency
  • Regular updates welcomed
  • No charge for repetitions or pre–existing translations
  • Savings are typically 50% for on–going translation requirements

Whatever specialist area you need translating, technical translation must be perfect.

We use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding, who utilize your multi–lingual terminology dictionaries and translation memory to ensure that translations are completely consistent — whilst massively reducing costs.

Technical translation lends itself to first being machine translated. This is because it is often repetitive, is usually written in a formal style and requires a first rate technical dictionary.

Post editing enhanced machine translation is much faster than translating from scratch. Our translators typically deliver 5000 words per day using Translution Localization Manager, which is tightly integrated with our machine translation engines. This is double the industry average of 2000 — 2500 words per day.

Translation memory and updates to terminology are also saved automatically as our translators translate.

This improvement in translator productivity is passed to you as a reduction in the cost per word.

And because we don't charge for repetitions or for re–translating existing translations, Translution are massively competitive in this type of translation.

It is not unusual for us to save organizations 50% of their existing cost of technical translation, whilst ensuring your quality objectives are met.

Whether you are reviewing your current suppliers of technical translation or are just starting, contact us now for an in depth no obligation discussion. We really can provide the best solution for technical translation.

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