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   Translution Database Translator

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  • Web based technology for translation of database content
  • Extensive configuration options to suit any database translation requirements
  • Reduces implementation, process management and translation costs dramatically
  • Automatically tracks changes to source language content
  • Automatically obtains the database translations
  • Machine or Human translation or both
  • MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Other types of database available with customization
  • Fully integrated with Translution Localization Manager
  • Translate: using your own team of translators or use Translution
  • Free 30 Day Trial


Who is it for?

Translution Database Translator is for any organization requiring translation of database content into other languages.

The translation can be either machine or professional human translation or both.

It is used by organizations who wish to translate websites or internal databases, some of whose content may require translation.


What is Translution Database Translator?

Translution Database Translator is a unique powerful web application that manages the language translation of text and html content stored in databases. It plugs into any current versions of MYSQL databases or Microsoft SQL databases.

It delivers automated machine translation and/or human translation of your database content whenever your source language content changes.

Translution Database Translator is part of the Translution Web family of products and services, designed to make the process of implementing and managing a multi–lingual website as simple as possible.


Main Benefits

Translution Database Translator has the following main benefits:

  • It is "plug and play technology". This saves most of your development cost in creating and managing a multi-lingual database driven website.
  • Easy Setup: Through an intuitive web based interface
  • Translution Machine Translation API: Delivery of (optional) automatic instant machine translation (optional) whenever your source database content is updated.
  • Integrated with Translution Localization Manager: Automates the human translation process and speeds up delivery. Saves you translation costs.
  • Cloud based: No investment in additional servers or infrastructure.
  • Wipes out most ongoing change management costs: Translution Database Translator automatically tracks changes to source language content that you have configured for translation.
  • "Lights Out": You can configure Translution Database Translator to work completely automatically.
  • No loss of performance: Translated database content is served to your web pages at the same speed as your existing data.

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How does it work?

Stage 1: Initially you need to configure Translution Database Translator using our easy to use web based Configurator:

  • Configure tables and columns for storing translated content. The new columns are automatically created.
  • Configure how the translations will be managed — completely automatically or authorized by you via a dashboard.
  • Configure whether you want machine translation only, machine translation and human translation, or human translation only.
  • Configure the type of translation you require for each columns or individual records:
    • Machine translation
    • Using your own team of translators
    • Professional translation using Translution's team of professional translators
    • Translate, Edit, Review translation. Two Translution translators working together to provide culturally polished translation of your most important marketing message.

Stage 2: Once you have configured Translution Database Translator you should then request the initial database translations:

  • You request the initial translations – either machine translation or human translation or both.
  • The initial database translation is delivered automatically updating your database.
  • You then go live.

Stage 3: You have gone live. You now need to track updates to source language database content and translate the updated / new content:

  • Translution Database Translator checks regularly for changes to source language content in your database.
  • If machine translation is required, when source language content changes, it automatically fetches the machine translation (using your company dictionary and any existing translations) and updates your database with the machine translation.
  • If human translation is required, it automatically requests the human translation. When the human translations are published, it updates your database with the human translation. If machine translation has also been configured it will replace the machine translation stored in your database with the human translation.
  • Every time you update your source language content, perhaps via your content management system, Translution Database Translator manages the translations for you.

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Optional Dashboard for Complete Control

Translution Database Translator includes an optional dashboard for authorizing human translation requests. This puts you in complete control of any costs of professional translation. You can also change the type of translation for specific database records from professional to TER translation where the very best quality is required – ideal for that press release, important new product or statement by your CEO.

However if you wish the translation process to be totally automated, you can change the method of translation to automatic. Translution Database Translator will then operate in "Lights Out" mode with no further management requirements and peace of mind that your website content is the same in whatever language.


Re–Configurable at any time

If you add new tables to your database or change an individual table simply re–configure Translution Database Translator.


Complete integration with Translution Localization Manager

Once a professional translation has been authorized, source language content which has changed is automatically sent to Translution Localization Manager. The content is then extracted by your project manager (either working in Translution or one of your colleagues) and the translator(s) appointed. An email is then sent to the translator. The translator logins and completes the translations.

Once the database translation has been published, they are sent back to your database where they update your database records automatically.

Translution Localization Manager also automatically screens out any repetitions or previous translations meaning you only pay for new database translation.


Add additional languages with one click

Initially you may only want to focus your international expansion in certain markets. Adding additional languages (when you are ready) is as easy as a single click. Your initial translations for the new language will be automatically requested.


Completely Secure

Translution Database Translator is completely secure. It connects to your database via ODBC either via port 80 on your firewall or via a specific port number. The connection is made over 128bit SSL, meaning the data is encrypted when its transmitted across the internet.

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Support for any type of database

Translution works with current versions of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

If you use another database type such as Oracle, please contact us — we are happy to discuss the costs of customizing Translution Database Translator to work with other databases.


Free 30 Day Trial

Translution Database Translator is available on a 30 day free trial basis, so that you can check out that it will work in your environment.

Contact us today if you would like a 30 day trial or a demonstration.












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