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   Translution File Translator

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  • Tracks changes to web files requiring translation
  • Manages the file translation
  • Low fixed price dependent only on how often your website is monitored for changes
  • Complete peace of mind that file translation will take place regardless of how often you update your website
  • An essential service for any multilingual website
  • Comprehensive out–sourced service


Who is it for?

Translution File Translator is for any organization who wishes to ensure file translation is managed efficiently every time their source language web files are updated.

It is particularly useful for organizations that make regular changes to their website, such as the addition of new product pages, new downloads and images.


What is Translution File Translator?

Translution File Translator is software developed by Translution which periodically checks for any changes you have made to your source language files.

Translution's development and project management teams then manually check the files to determine whether any file translation is required. If it is, they commission the translation, re–build the translated file and update the language files on your web servers.

All types of "static" files can be tracked by Translution File Translator. This includes web pages, downloads, images, multi–media, script files such as Java Script and any resource files. Many of these files can be complex to translate.

Translution File Translator is part of the Translution Web family of products and services, designed to make the process of implementing and managing a multilingual website as simple as possible.

If your website uses a database to serve content you should also look at Translution Database Translator.


Main Benefits

Translution File Translator provides customers with a comprehensive out–sourced service for the translation of "static" files used in their multi–lingual website.

Managing multi–lingual website files can be complicated because of the different formats, complexity and number of files that have to be managed.

Translution File Translator gives customers complete peace of mind that their translated web site will be properly maintained.

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How does it work?

When we setup File Translator we agree the files that are monitored and the folder structure of your website. We also record the last modified date/time of every file we are monitoring for changes. The last modified date/time 1examine it and determine whether file translation is required.

If file translation is required, we commission this from our team of translators, rebuild the file with the updated translations and upload it to your web servers in the correct location, overwriting or archiving any old files. We then test it thoroughly.

Administrative access to your folders and files via FTP is recommended. This is so that we can easily download any files that may require translation and upload the files that we have translated.

However if FTP access is an issue, then Translution File Translator can operate via HTTP. If the HTTP option is taken, your in-house team of web developers will be responsible for downloading/uploading any new translated files onto your servers.


How is it charged?

The main cost associated with Translution File Translator is in examining each file that has been updated, organizing the translation if required, creating the new translated file, uploading the translated file to your web server and testing.

Translution File Translator is therefore charged on an annual support contract basis, based on how regularly we check for any updates to source language files. Options are daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

We usually check for changes on a scheduled basis. However you can request we check for changes at any time, cancelling the next pre'determined date if required.

Translution File Manager implementation costs are fixed at $600/£400, invoiced as a one off charge. This cost assumes that the work to correctly configure and implement Translution File Manager can be carried out in approximately a day. The implementation cost includes agreeing with you which files and folders will be monitored.

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What happens if I change my website architecture?

Translution File Manager has not been designed to cope with "wholesale" changes to your website including architectural/folder structure changes, which could require we re–implement Translution File Manager. If you wish to make such wholesale changes, please email us and we will be pleased to quote for re–implementation.

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