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  • Comprehensive online translation management system
  • Save costs by employing your own translators
  • Double translator productivity
  • Fully integrated with machine translation
  • Fast and secure
  • Tight integration with Translution Database Translator
  • Complete translation project management
  • 30 Day free trial available
  • $15 / £10 per user per month
  • Unlimited user edition: $75 / £50 per month


Who is it for?

Translution Localization Manager is a translation management system designed for organizations who wish to use their translators to create and review translations.

Unlike most translation management systems, Translution Localization Manager has been designed so that any translator, located anywhere in the world with a standard broadband connection, can translate.

What does it do

Translution Localization Manager is a powerful translation management system designed for organizations who want to control and manage their translation workflow, translators and translation assets (translation memory, term dictionaries and DNT dictionaries).

Main Benefits

The benefits that the use of Translution Localization Manager delivers include reduction in translation costs, better translator productivity, accelerated delivery times and improved quality and consistency of translation.


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Saving you money

Using freelancers or in–house teams can save you money — lots of it — because you are not paying translation agencies. Freelance costs are typically 50%–60% the cost of using a translation agency.

Companies using Translution Localization Manager also don't have to invest in infrastructure or servers. This makes Translution Localization Manager extremely easy and cost effective to deploy when compared with most other translation management systems which are client/server implementations.

Unlike other translation management systems, Translution Localization Manager is charged as a small monthly fee based on the number of users.

Improved Translator Productivity

Translution Localization Manager is tightly integrated with Translution's enhanced machine translation engines.

Where a translation memory match is not available, the enhanced machine translation is automatically proposed to translators as an alternate translation candidate.

Because enhanced machine translation is much better than “gist” machine translation, it means that translators spend their time editing the translations rather than translating from scratch.

Integrating enhanced machine translation in this way has been shown to dramatically increase the average number of words typically translated by translation management systems in a day. Typical throughput is approximately 4000–5000 words a day against the industry average of 2000–2500 words per day.


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Rich translators interface

The translators interface within this translation management system is rich, displaying translation memory matches or enhanced machine translation as translation candidates for every segment.

Powerful filtering options enable translators to focus on a specific task.

The translators interface also enables translators to easily add or amend dictionary Terms and Do Not Translate (DNT) terms as they translate. The dictionary terms and DNT can then be used to improve the machine translation quality.

Translution Localization Manager is probably the tightest integration of a translation management system and machine translation engines available today.

Real time update of translation memories

As translators translate, the company translation memory is immediately and automatically updated. Repetitions across the project are also automatically updated every time a segment is translated.

This ensures that once a segment has been translated it never needs translating again.

Fast and secure

Translution Localization Manager is fast, with all processing (including obtaining automated machine translation, dictionary matches and translation memory matches) completed as a one off process prior to assignment to translators. All translators have to do is login and start translating.

Translution Localization Manager uses advanced Ajax technology. This means that translations are automatically saved in background as each translation segment is edited by translators.


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Tight integration with Translution Database Translator

Translution Localization Manager is the only translation management system tightly Integrated with Translution Database Translator, featuring a special interface to manage the translation of database tables.

As updates are made to records in a database, the content requiring translation automatically appears in Translution Localization Manager. Once published, the translations are then automatically written back to your database.

This combination of a translation management system with a database translation system is unique.

Complete project management including "crowd" translation

Like all good translation management systems, Translution Localization Manager includes powerful project management enabling you to set up complex projects for multiple documents and many languages with a few clicks. Jobs can be assigned to single translators, multiple translators or the "crowd" of translators.

Once initial translations have been completed, they can be (optionally) reviewed by the administrator or other translators as many times as are required prior to publishing.

Translution Localization Manager also tracks the translation progress of single documents, multiple documents, for multiple languages or for the entire project.


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Translution Localization Manager — A Learning System

Translution Localization Manager gives organizations a complete solution to their translation needs.

Because translation memories and dictionaries are made available from a centrally managed database, companies no longer have to worry about managing translation memories and term bases from lots of different translators — the translation memory is automatically updated in background every time a sentence is translated.

As more and more translation memory is created, the system effectively "learns", providing better and better consistency of translation and better translator productivity.

And because translators can easily update the company dictionary as they translate, the enhanced machine translation also gets better and better, leading to additional productivity improvements.

Use as a traditional translation management system dependent on the type of translation

Post editing machine translation is particularly useful for specific types of translation such as technical translation, legal translation, medical translation or website translation where there is a large amount of technical content.

However it is less suitable for marketing translation which is non technical in nature and which needs "crafting" by translators.

For marketing translation, Translution Localization Manager can be used as a traditional translation management system i.e. without displaying the enhanced machine translation, by simply selecting a toggle button.

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