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   Translution Machine Translation API

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  • Integrates machine translation with your organizations processes and software
  • Enhanced quality of machine translation through use of company dictionaries
  • Fully featured language translation API
  • No investment in servers, infrastructure and support
  • Proven, open protocols and standards (HTTP/ HTTPS, SOAP, XML, UTF-8)
  • Simple to implement
  • 14 Languages
  • Free 30 Day Trial


Who is it for?

Translution Machine Translation API (Application Program Interface) is a language translation API for organizations who wish to use machine translation in their products, processes, websites and software.


What it Does

Translution Machine Translation API (Application Program Interface) provides a direct call to our machine translation engines and provides an automated machine translation response. It utilizes customer specific dictionaries and translation memories to provide enhanced machine translation.

Translution Machine Translation API uses a number of methods for sending both text string(s) and document translation. Click here to access the Translution Machine Translation API Developer guide for further information on the methods available.

It identifies the file format (string, XML, plain text, Doc, docx, RTF, PDF or HTML) and machine translate it, maintaining the format of the original source text or document and return the translated content to your servers.

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Main Benefits

Unlike other API's Translution Machine Translation API supports document (XML, PDF and Word) as well as HTML and text. You can also dramatically improve machine translation quality through creating a corporate dictionary. This is far less expensive and consistent than using just translation memory to improve the machine translation quality.


Enhanced Quality of Machine Translation

Translution Machine Translation API uses various linguistic resources to deliver enhanced machine translation:

  • Corporate term dictionary support
  • Translation memory support
  • Do Not Translate (DNT) dictionary term support (for terms such as company names, contact names, product names, addresses, etc)
  • DNT's can be also be used "on the fly" direct within your SOAP request by marking up the source text
  • 21 pre-loaded domain dictionaries can be used
  • The formality of the translation can be set
  • Uses the same corporate dictionaries and translation memory used with Translution Business, Translution Database Translator and Translution Localization Manager

Translution Localization Manager can be used to create/update corporate dictionaries and translation memories. Creating, updating and using corporate dictionaries and translation memories will continually improve the machine translation quality delivered by the language translation API.

Alternatively Translution also provide translation services which, as these are delivered will automatically update your dictionaries and translation memory, again improving the machine translation quality delivered by the language translation API.


Simple to Implement

Translution Machine Translation API can be very easily deployed by simply adding a few lines of code into your application.

Click here to download the Translution Machine Translation API specifications and SDK.

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Translution Machine Translation API optionally uses the https protocol, encrypting your data, meaning that your data is totally secure. Optionally, SSL can also be used.


Works with any application

Translution Machine Translation API can be used for many applications such as database translation, chat translation, translation of blogs, and email translation.

The language translation API can also be embedded directly into content management systems, document workflow, manufacturing processes and e-commerce.

Because it uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Translution Machine Translation API can be integrated with any internet enabled software application.

SOAP is the industry standard W3C recommendation and provides an extensible method for software applications to communicate with one another regardless of operating system and development language.

In addition we also provide an API for .net applications which further simplifies the web service request and response procedures.


Fully Featured

Translution Machine Translation API is a fully featured API providing the following features:

  • Supports 14 languages
  • Multiple target languages can be specified
  • Supports a number of language translation API methods including:
    • Machine translation of plain text, HTML or XML string
    • Machine translation of Word Documents (.doc, .rtf formats)
    • Machine translation of Adobe PDF Documents (translated into .mht format only – can be read by browsers)
  • Supports the separation of multiple source text segments within a single request



Translution Machine Translation API is high performance and designed to provide fast translations. The speed of the translation depends upon the size of the source content to be translated.


Contact us

To discuss your requirements for a language translation API in more detail, please contact us. Further information can be found by following the links. We offer a 30 day free trial.


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