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Translution Web

  • Best practice website translation services for all types of website.
  • Market your website globally.
  • Reduce translation costs.
  • Cut implementation costs and development time.
  • Best Practice international search engine optimization.
  • Automate the translation of your website content as you make changes.
  • Self–Translate or use Translution website translation services.
  • Competitive quotes.

What is Translution Web?

Translution Web is a family of products and services which together can provide a complete solution for organizations who wish to market themselves via the internet internationally.

The family consists of the following 5 main products and services:

  • Translution Web: International website implementation services for all types of websites.
  • Website Translation Services: A complete range of high quality professional (human) translation services at competitive prices.
  • Translution Database Translator: Required for websites which use a database. Machine and human translation of your database content. Also used to manage translations when you update your source language content in your database.
  • Translution File Translator: Software used to track updates to source language web files. Translution's team then update the language files on your web servers.
  • Translution Localization Manager: Online translation management system for organizations employing their own teams of translators. Also used by Translution's team of translators to deliver website translation services.

What are the main benefits?

Translution Web is a complete international website implementation solution designed for any organization who wish to translate their website(s).

It creates the platform from which you can expand your e–commerce and international sales into new markets.

Once implemented, you can automatically track any changes you make to your web content, ensuring that your language content is as fully up to date as in your source language.

Using Translution for your international website implementation provides the following main benefits:

  • Best practice website translation implementation
  • Automates much of the headache of website translation
  • Speeds up access to new markets
  • Can be implemented with virtually any web technology
  • Supports any language combinations
  • Best practice international search engine optimization
  • Reduction in development effort and cost
  • Reduction in website translation costs
  • Automates the translation of your website content as you make changes
  • Substantial reduction in the on–going overhead of maintaining your translated websites
  • Fully integrated with Translution Localization Manager to provide an end-to-end translation management system

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Implement using Translution or your web developer

Translution have massive experience in website translation.

This experience has been packaged into a set of standardized implementation services that enable us to provide a fixed price for the implementation of your international website.

Click here to download our website translation implementation guidelines.

The implementation can be delivered either by Translution as a "turnkey" implementation or, if you prefer, by your web developer with Translution providing full support.

Whichever method you choose you will benefit from the experience gained by Translution in website translation over many years.

Automatic Language Navigation

Your visitors will be able to view your website in their own language based on their browser language setting. In other words a French visitor, when they first visit your website, will see it in French; a Spanish visitor will see it in Spanish and so on.

All the internal links on your website will work correctly ensuring that your French visitor stays on your French website, your Spanish visitor stays on your Spanish website and so on.

Visitors can of course switch language at any time by simply choosing a different flag or language on the web pages.

International Search Engine Optimization

Translution Web has been designed from the bottom up to be search engine friendly. This is because we create a mirror of your entire website on your own web servers, which is automatically indexed by overseas or language specific search engines.

We also provide language specific robot files and site maps ensuring that overseas or language specific search engines only index the relevant language content — giving you a strong local presence.

Manage the Cost of Translation

With Translution Web you decide how and which parts of your website will be translated.

You may well be able to get your main marketing messages over in a few pages. This may be sufficient to generate enquiries from other language speakers to pass back to your in–country representatives.

Alternatively, Translution Web can be fully implemented across your entire website — including localizing areas behind user login screens — and can handle the website translation of most complex e–commerce platforms, portals, intranets, extranets and social internet websites.

Machine Translation Options Too

Where appropriate, you may also want to use enhanced machine translation as an alternative to human translation.

Enhanced machine translation can be an alternative where you have a large amount of content which is rarely viewed, for example less popular product lines or visitor provided content, or where human translation would simply be too expensive.

Adding a new language is as easy as ABC

Adding a new language and opening a new overseas market is as simple as making some minor changes to your web files.

For database driven websites the addition of new languages in Translution Database Translator triggers the translation request for all your content requiring translation into the new language automatically. Once delivered, your website will be then available in the new language.

No Compromise on performance

Because Translution Web uses a mirror of your source language web pages on your own web server, delivering translated content direct from your own database, there is no compromise in performance. Translution Web will be as fast at serving translated web pages as your current website.

Contact us

Every website is different and we need to be sure that we advise you properly on what will be best for you. You also will require a fixed price quotation for your website translation.

Please, therefore, register your interest without obligation and we will telephone you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote and options.


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