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Everyone promises a top quality translation service.

We are no exception — we consistently deliver fantastic service and can provide you with excellent customer references on request.

But there are some additional reasons why we believe we shine.

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Our Price Promise

As a web 3.0 company, operating within "the Cloud", with 10 years investment in our technology platform, we operate the lowest cost base of any major translation company.

Our promise to you is that we will beat the price quoted by any other established reputable translation agency for an identical translation quotation and service.

Just send us a like–for–like detailed quotation with accurate word counts. We promise to beat it!

Not only that, but we will give you a further 10% discount on the initial project cost for sending the quotation to us.

Please note this offer only applies where we have access to the same translation memory as our competitor. If you have previously commissioned translations from our competitor, you should request they release the translation memory to you and send it to us with the detailed quotation.

This price promise applies to Professional Translation and Translate, Edit, Review (TER) translation services only (TER translation is translation by 2 independent translators).

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How our platform delivers "best of breed translation"

According to Aberdeen Research, "best of breed" translation requires the use of glossaries, style sheets and a database of previous human translations known as translation memory.

This is precisely what Translution provide for all our clients.

Using Translution's language platform, Translution Localization Manager, your multi–lingual terminology dictionaries and translation memory are automatically updated as our translators translate and can be re–used time after time.

Updating your translation resources in one central location accessed by all translators delivers the following main benefits to our customers:

  • Reduction in the cost of translation

    • Translation memory is automatically saved and re–used as our translators translate. Since we do not normally charge for repetitions or translation memory matches, you automatically receive the savings that are made.
    • Our translators can work from anywhere. We use in country translators resulting in very good rates for languages such as International Spanish
    • We give customers the option to post edit enhanced machine translation. This improves translator productivity from approximately 2500 words a day to about 5000 words a day without loss of quality. We pass the savings to customers.
  • Consistently higher quality

    • Glossaries and dictionaries are constantly updated in context by our translators as they translate
  • Faster delivery

    • Our translators work faster.
    • Providing a good glossary and style sheet is available, a team of translators can work on larger projects with tight deadlines.
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How we reduce cost of translation further

We reduce costs further, in a number of ways:

  • We do not charge for repetitions and translation memory matches

    • Unlike the majority of the translation industry we do not normally charge for repetitions or translation memory matches. Our platform ensures that our translators never have to translate twice.
    • The exception is when we are delivering TER translation where a second translator works on the translations of the first translator to provide a fully polished and culturally specific final translation. For this type of translation every segment is double checked.
  • We recommend to our customers the right type of translation.

    • We advise all our clients on the type of translation they should commission having listened very carefully to understand how the translations will be used.
  • Our team of professional translators work much more productively

    • All our translators use Translution Localization Manager. This presents them with a much richer working environment including extensive terminology and candidate translations (translation memory) and (optionally) enhanced machine translation.
    • Translators can login and immediately start work, and because they don’t have to worry about managing term bases and translation memory, they save lots of time on administration.
    • Our translators typically translate 5000 words a day when post editing machine translation — double the industry norm.
    • These savings are passed back to you through a reduced cost per word.
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Our Know How

We offer complete translation solutions using the most sophisticated software and technology in the translation industry, all built in–house. As a result our know–how is immense and speaks for itself. It enables us to handle any translation project, no matter how complex or large.

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How we ensure quality

Whenever we welcome a new client, we introduce them to their dedicated in–house project manager.

Project managers are targeted on one thing only — your satisfaction.

Not only are project managers responsible for quoting and preparing any job for translation, they also ensure that the translators are properly briefed and that they meet your quality expectations – including delivery and responsiveness – every time.

They carefully research your business, usually creating style sheets for every new client. Together with the project instructions these provide a written brief for all our translators of your exact requirements and expectations.

We match the translators experience to your industry. Our platform — Translution Localization Manager — is set up so that the same pool of translators are usually used for your translations. This gives our translators the incentive to continue to update your glossary — after all they benefit through increased productivity and consistency. Re–using translation memories also ensures that the same "voice" is used consistently in your translations.

Our project managers continually check the quality of translations which are delivered through spot checks. These are undertaken by a separate independent team of senior linguists. All our project managers have a separate budget for this and have the authority to make these checks — regardless of the type of translation we deliver or the size of client.

The key is to ensure that the translators continue to provide high quality translation time after time.

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How we recruit translators

All our translators are verified before they join our pool. We check their background, specialities and references.

We also issue standard tests which are then double checked by our team of independent senior translators. Only those which meet our quality standards are invited to join our pool.

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Who owns the glossaries, dictionaries and translation memory?

You do. After all you have paid for them in the first place.

We store and manage your dictionaries and translation memories on our platform, but you own the rights to these and can download them on request (a standard charge is made for this service).

This is in contrast to many translation agencies and freelance translators who don't supply you with translation memory and dictionaries when the translation job is delivered. As a result they see the benefit from any reduction in translation costs through re–cycling translations — not you.

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